Our Farm Story

Meet the Warrens!

In May of 2017 Amy and Phillip Pruett stumbled upon a foreclosed property in Helena, Alabama. They were immediately drawn to the peaceful acreage and began dreaming of raising chickens and having home grown vegetables.  On May 17, 2017 the adventure began with four baby chicks and the flock grew by leaps and bounds over the next year and a half. They like to call it "Chicken Math"!  Next came the purchase of a small herd of 5 female goats to help clear some brush.  Little did they know, they would soon fall in love with these silly little goats and their path to a homestead lifestyle.  This city-suburban-country flair family has embraced it all...hatching farm fresh eggs, enjoying fresh goat milk and cheese, and squeezing muscadines for jam.


They believe in finding presence, comfort, mindfulness, and peace through what they have discovered as Farm Therapy....the term might sound cliche, but once one drives out to this little 5 acre farm just minutes away from the hustle of the daily grind "there is complete peace" says Phillip. "The farm awakens our senses. The rush of the creek, birds chirping, hens cackling, goats bleating, a train chugging by... you are able to let your senses take over and be present with yourself and nature".  The Pruett's have found that this homestead lifestyle has led them to become healthier, with more open minds and hearts. "This just grew little by little", Amy even says, "when all of this began, I had ZERO experience with farm animals. We began with chickens (the gateway farm animal...!) and then goats shortly thereafter. Initially, the purpose of the goats was to help us clear some overgrown areas on our property. What we didn’t know was that these babies would absolutely steal our hearts!" 

The Pruetts have decided to take "Farm Therapy" to a whole new level and have started their family business: Goat Yoga Bham.. and it's really a thing! Birmingham's first ever Goat Yoga. Book your first class today!