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Meet  the Warrens

Wyatt and Sarah Warren are longtime residents of Helena, AL. In 2022, shortly before they celebrated their 15th anniversary, they decided to make their dream of country living a reality. The Warrens purchased an adorable 5 acre homestead in Helena, AL from their friends, Phillip and Amy Pruett. The Pruetts founded Goat Yoga Bham in 2019 on this property and hired the Warrens to help run it. After several months of running the business and caring for the animals themselves, Sarah and Wyatt knew they were in for the long haul and bought Goat Yoga Bham from the Pruetts in October 2022. 

Goat Yoga Bham is a family run business. The Warrens have four awesome children, who you will often see helping at events. They are loving their new adventures on the farm and enjoy all of the animals. Their farm currently includes lots and lots of goats, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats, a horse, rabbit, guinea pig, and even some hermit crabs and sea monkeys. All the furry and feathered friends are well loved and treated like family at the Warrens. They adore the attention they get when “working” an event and look forward to each new friend they will meet.

Sarah and Wyatt are 100% hands-on as owners of Goat Yoga Bham. If you email or text, Sarah will quickly answer you between giving baby goats bottles and feeding and caring for all the animals. She will also be there at each event, making sure you have a wonderful time. Wyatt might be more behind the scenes, but he is equally as important. He keeps busy making sure the property is beautiful, bonfires are prepared for guests, animals are well housed, and everything is running smoothly.

The Warrens look forward to meeting you at the next public event or partnering with you to make your next family or work event a day to remember!

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