Get the most out of your

Goat Yoga Bham experience...

Our goats live on our working farm and enjoy a free range lifestyle filled with cuddles, sweet feed, fresh hay, and lots of yoga. They are used to intimate love and attention and tend to jump and frolic on peoples backs as well as cuddle up when in a zen, trusted environment.


Our goats are a mixture of dam raised and bottle fed and grow up by their mother's side after birth. They are peaceful animals and are excited and curious to meet new people. We do ask that participants keep a peaceful, warm, and focused environment during the practice. This will not only help you reap personal yoga benefits, but will also develop a sense of trust with the goats as they warm up to the energy of a new person.


It is hard not to turn your head around to summon a goat over during class, but we have found that participants who create this discipline for themselves also tend to be the biggest "goat magnets" during class. There is nothing better than enjoying the mutual benefit of farm therapy as you work to flow through your practice in nature's fresh air.


Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?

If you have a change of ticket name please send us a message on www.goatyogabham.com or on our Facebook page @GOAT YOGA BHAM and we can make note of the change.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No but please bring your drivers license so we can check you in.

What should I bring?

*Yoga mat or towel *Camera/Phone for pics *Water Bottled with a tight lid *Bug Spray *Sunscreen

Is there parking at the farm?

Yes, we have parking. Carpooling is always appreciated since our parking area is limited.

All ages are welcome at the farm, however, we recommend Goat Yoga for children 10+.

Can children participate in Goat Yoga?

But don't they poop and pee?

That's right, they do! This is a working farm, and sometimes you gotta go!!. However, the gated pen we use for goat yoga is only used for the hour of goat yoga. There are only 1-2 sessions per day and before and after each session, the area is cleaned and fresh hay is laid before the arrival of the next class. There is also someone monitoring the class for clean ups. The best advice we can give is to wear clothes that are appropriate and then just go with the (yoga) flow!

What is the rain policy?

Because we use fresh hay that is extremely absorbent, all yoga classes will practice on.... UNLESS it has/or is currently raining two hours prior to the beginning of class. Two hours prior to the event we will assess the weather conditions. If the session is cancelled, we will notify all individuals that reserved tickets via email through Eventbrite and all reservations for that day will receive a rain check to be used at a future class.

If thunder or lightning happens during a class, the class will be canceled and all participants will receive a rain check.

What if a goat doesn't come up to me?

Our goats are very used to people and are very likely to cuddle, brush by you, frolic past, or even jump from back to back! While we cannot guarantee this will happen to every yogi, we can tell you that the more focused you are in the practice on your poses within your environment, that the goats will be drawn to you. And you'll also reap more benefits!

Won't my mat get all dirty?

The answer is... maybe a little! But we also have $3 mat rentals if you don't wanna risk it! Our goat's hooves are wiped clean before the yoga sessions and the yoga pen is fresh hay on top of a tarp. Since the area is used strictly for goat yoga for an hour at a time, you should be fine. At the beginning and end of each class the pen is cleaned and fresh hay is replenished.  Because these are farm animals, they may be known to use the bathroom within the span of an hour. There is someone on guard for these clean ups, but if this may be a bother to you, we ask that you take part in our yoga mat rental. 

How can I buy a T-shirt?

T shirts are sold for $20 dollars at the end of each Goat Yoga class! Forgot to buy a shirt?  No biggie! Just email events@goatyogabham.com and they will be sure to get you one. 

Can I take pictures?

Absolutely! And no worries if you didn't get that perfect pic during class...there will be plenty of time for photos and snuggles after class!

Do you book parties or events?

We do! Email events@goatyogabham.com and introduce yourself and your event! We will be happy to send you all the details!

What should I wear?

We recommend wearing movement/exercise clothes and shoes that you wouldn't mind if they got a little dirty. As we don't expect dirt and grit, this is a working farm and we would hate for your new leggings to get messy. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather since the yoga class is outside in a clean but natural pasture. Please note that the goats have hooves that can be slightly rough on bare skin. T-shirts, Nike shorts, yoga pants, workout tank tops, joggers are all great options!

Where are you located?

Our address is 1441 Hwy 277 Helena AL, 35080. If you use Google maps try 1441 County Road 277 Helena, AL  35080  E-mail events@goatyogabham.com or call 205-329-3701 if you encounter any problems.

If your question wasn't answered, feel free to email us at events@goatyogabham.com! We goat yer' baaaaaack!